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Chunky gauge knitting machine

chunky gauge knitting machine will improve your projects and your knitting experience, whether you are a novice or an expert knitter. You can knit lovely hats, sweaters, gloves, and other items. A knitting machine makes it simple to finish a project quickly. You'll even ponder how you ever survived without one.

Silver Reed SK155

The Silver Reed SK155 Punch Card Chucky Knitting Machine is the perfect option for a novice or expert knitter because it is made to knit thicker yarns. This metal-beded bulky gauge knitting machine can work with a range of yarns, including chunky wool and worsted weight. Additionally, automatic patterning using a mechanical punch card is included.

A maximum of 60 stitches can be used in the design. It can knit a variety of lace transfer patterns, including slip stitch, pin tuck rib, afghan, and stockinet, using its punch card system. Because of the machine's 4.5mm needle spacing, the pattern is simple to see.

You can quickly create bulky winter clothing with the SK155. This is a great option for fingering weight yarns or novelty fur yarns.

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