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collar and cuff turning machine

It doesn't matter if you're searching for a machine such as collar machine to turn collars and cuffs or a metal lathe; it's crucial to do research on the many brands and models available so that you can discover the machine that best suits your requirements. If you select the incorrect type of turning machine, you could make mistakes that are expensive to fix.


The operator of the MAICA collar and cuff turning machine price is able to adjust the size of the cuff and the collar without the usage of a human hand when they make use of the machine. Control of the machine is handled by a computer. Through the use of Wi-Fi, the operator is able to access the equipment even while they are in Italy. Adjustments can be made to the unit in a number of different ways, including varying the length of the stitch on the corners.

The machine was developed specifically for use in settings with a high level of production. The conveyor cleaning system is protected by a patent. This technology is able to remove dust, grime, and other impurities from the surface of the item, and it is based on special materials that have been the subject of extensive research. In addition to that, it has a control panel with a touch screen that makes making modifications very simple. Additionally, the temperature of the resistance can be altered in a hurry. The equipment is designed to work with materials that maintain their dimensions. In addition to that, it utilizes inexpensive cloth holding plates.

The machine can also be used with the UAM 03 cuff sewing machine, which features an electronic control and is compatible with the machine. This machine is capable of stitching any form of stitch, including ornamental stitches, zigzag threads, and satin stitches, among others.

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