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Folding knitting machine

Having a folding knitting machine can be an enormous benefit, especially when creating a significant quantity of knitted materials for the home. However, it is essential that you comprehend how a folding knitting machine operates and what to do if it does not function as desired.

Patterns of folding knitting machines

In this study, several distinct types of knitting machines were utilized. Each of these exhibits a similar folding pattern. In certain cases, the folds are restricted to a specific region. Others occur along stitch change lines. In certain instances, folds are visible in both directions. This is due to the fact that the material features of the yarn might result in varying textile properties.

First, a swatch was created to test the process for folding. The swatch was extracted from the machine by hand pulling. Comparing the swatch to the original computer program. The computer-generated image is not always capable of capturing cloth folds.

Second, a pattern was designed to emulate the self-folding processes discovered in the swatch. This pattern is a tribute to the original, but has been enlarged proportionally. This pattern is an excellent way to begin a project.

Thirdly, a computer simulation of a pattern was performed to see how the same self-folding behaviors may be achieved. It was able to create self-folding materials for smart textile applications using a formulaic manner.

Finally, three prototype sets were knitted on an industrial knitting machine manufactured by Shima Seiki. The breast sizes ranged from 32 1/2 to 39. These patterns are often straightforward. They range from 1" to 1 1/2".

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