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Heat press machine for socks

Adding a decal to a pair of socks can be a great way to promote your company, brand, or personal message. This is especially true if you create the decal using a custom sock machine heat press .

Puff Vinyl

For puff vinyl socks, a heat press machine is simple to use. Heat-transfer vinyl known as puff expands when heated. It gives your design a 3D appearance. It can be used for pillows, home decor, and party favors. Additionally, it can be resized for the ideal fit.

You'll need to locate a heat press that has been preheated in order to apply the vinyl. It's best to use an iron on a hard surface if you don't have one. Avoid ironing directly over the vinyl to prevent fading. If you've never tried puff before, you should first test a small piece to see how it functions.

Make sure the heat press is set to 310u2013315 degrees for the best results. Vinyl won't adhere to the fabric at an excessive temperature. It will have a rough finish if it is too low.

You may need a carrier sheet, depending on the type of vinyl. These sheets come in a variety of textures and designs. It's crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines.

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