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mobile air compressor

Buying a mobile air compressor is a huge decision. There are numerous things to consider, including whether a reciprocating, tow-behind, or scroll unit is required. You must also choose the size and kind of hoses and tanks. You also need to know how much power and CFM it will create. Finally, you must comprehend the associated expenditures.

Rotary screw

Unlike piston air compressors, rotary screw air compressor can manage heavy demand without breaking a sweat. They are the chosen option for the majority of industrial applications. They do, however, function effectively in small-scale applications.

The primary distinction between rotary screw compressors and other types of compressors is that they use less oil. This means fewer filter changes and less upkeep. Furthermore, they save energy. These systems can also safely and efficiently operate large equipment and machinery.

Cast iron cylinders are commonly used in rotary screw air compressors. Some are constructed with a single compression cylinder, while others are constructed with numerous compression cylinders. A fan may be included with a rotary screw air compressor to aid in cooling.

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CFM rating

Understanding the CFM rating is essential when selecting a cheap air compressors. This is the amount of air that the compressor can create per minute in cubic feet. It is also necessary to consider the pressure produced by the compressor. It is advisable to select a device rated at 90 PSI or above. This is because a lower pressure compressor will not be able to complete the task. It may potentially cause damage to your equipment.

There are two kinds of air compressor ratings: SCFM and ICFM. The sole difference between the two is that SCFM is tested in a controlled environment. Its purpose is to inform people about what the compressor can perform under ideal conditions.


The price of a mobile air compressor can vary greatly depending on the brand and size. A simple portable type with a 135 PSI output and a 10 gallon tank will cost between $250 and $500. It is not uncommon to pay more than three grand for a more powerful device.

The cost of an small air compressor is a mix of the investment, energy expenses, and operating costs. If you want a long-lasting unit, consider where it will be used. It is not a cheap thing to buy, so you may want to browse around for a good bargain.

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