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Sewing and knitting machine

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seamstress, there are a few basic knitting machine stitches

you should be familiar with. There are also Serger stitches and Hemming tape.

Serger stitches

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a serger will help you sew and knit more efficiently. The serger stitch, also known as the overlock stitch, involves wrapping a thread around the fabric's edge. This robust and secure finish provides your clothing a professional appearance.

Using a serger can also help you make seams that are more durable. The stitches are stable and suitable for a wide range of textiles, including knits. This is particularly handy for athletic apparel.

Additionally, a serger can be used to sew hems. This can be a nearly undetectable rolled hem or a thin hem, which is used to finish the edges of a single piece of fabric. Both stitches are good finishing alternatives for lightweight textiles.

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Feed dogs

Depending on the model of your sewing or knitting machine, the feed dogs may be adjustable. They are an essential part of the machine and have a significant effect on the quality of your stitch. They assist regulate the amount of fabric pulled through with each stitch.

You may adjust the feed dogs to alter the stitch length. This is particularly useful when working with dense or heavy textiles. Using the manual flat knitting machine or a digital machine with a stitch length control, the stitch length can be increased or decreased.

Some of the feed dogs contain slots for regulating the fabric feeding rate. Additionally, the feed dogs can be lowered to permit free hand work.

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