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Socks machine china

Given that the Chinese market has been gradually expanding, the demand for SOCKS MACHINE makers has also increased. So, if you want to start a business in this country, do your research first.

Single-cylinder 2-feed machine

New sock knitting machine are classified into two types: single cylinder 2-feed socks machines and double cylinder 2-feed socks machines. There are numerous machines available on the market. Special machines can be ordered based on the needs of the customer.

For transfer stitch patterns and high-quality socks, a single-cylinder 2-feed machine is employed. It is intended for multicolor and monocolor patterns on men's and women's socks.

The single-cylinder 2-feed socks machine comes with a number of extras, including double shovel-needle technology, an automatic lubrication system, and reset functions. This improves the efficiency of the knitting process as well as the machine's total production capacity. The elastic yarn feeder is controlled by a stepping motor, and the mesh lifting cams are also motorized. The machine also includes a display panel that shows the type of sock pattern. The machine computer panel may control it.

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