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socks making machine capacity

There are a few things you should know about the socks making machine capacity you are looking at, whether you are looking to buy a socks making machine or want to learn more about the ones you are currently using. These are the elements that influence your choice.

Production speed

This sock-making machine will elicit a variety of reactions, depending on the client. A silk stockings machine, for instance, will be referred to as a "opus-640." A fully automated machine will be a stronger, more productive beast. Additionally, a machine with several needles will give the user more choices.

A number of high-end features, including error sensors and a self-protection system, are present in the ZX machine. The machine also has a sizable memory capacity. The machine is also the newest and best one available for making socks. It can actually knit a sock at a speed of 90 stitches per second.

The device has a 3.5 inch cylinder that can accommodate needles weighing 56N to 200N. For stitch cam control, the machine has a stepping motor. The free set of spare parts that it includes is also important to note.

A system for automatic lubrication is also a feature of the aforementioned machine, which increases overall production effectiveness. Additionally, it has an LED indicator that displays the needles' status.

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