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ZHEJIANG WEIHUAN MACHINERY CO. LTD mun sýna á ITMA 2023 sem sýnandi

Tími: 2023-05-26 Skoðað: 85

ZHEJIANG WEIHUAN MACHINERY CO. LTD er faglegur framleiðandi sokkavéla. Við munum mæta á ITMA sýninguna 8.-14. júní 2023 og sýna nýjustu vörur okkar og tækni á bás HALL 4-D206.


As one of the exhibitors at the show, we are looking forward to meeting professionals and peers from around the world and sharing our innovations, technologies and market prospects.


Helstu vörur okkar eru: Sjálfvirk tengisokkavél, tvöfaldur strokka sokkavél, 7FT valin terry sokkavél, 6F og 7F skó-efri vél og öll önnur 6F valin terry vél, terry, látlaus sokkavél, 4-5 tommu jacquard sokkavél, og flatprjónavél, 4D skó efri, flat skó-efri vél, Jacquard kraga vél og flytja kraga prjóna vél and so on. These products have many patented technologies and can provide high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent solutions to meet the needs of different customers. Machine with superior mechanical performance and excellent after-sales service, approved by the majority of customers, is one of the most stable machines of its kinds machine in China. They are not only sold well in China but also exported to European, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on.


Our booth will be a platform for interaction and communication, we welcome professionals and colleagues from all sides to come to our booth and exchange cooperation opportunities with us.


We believe that participating in ITMA will be an excellent opportunity to showcase our latest technologies and products, as well as an important platform to understand the market dynamics and industry trends. We look forward to meeting you!

Invitation from Wehwan